07-401/Homework Assignment 5

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Read chapters 16 and 17 of Gallian's book three times:

  • First time as if you were reading a novel - quickly and without too much attention to detail, just to learn what the main keywords and concepts and goals are.
  • Second time like you were studying for an exam on the subject - slowly and not skipping anything, verifying every little detail.
  • And then a third time, again at a quicker pace, to remind yourself of the bigger picture all those little details are there to paint.


Solve problems 20, 22#, 24, 27#, 31#, 38, 39#, 40, 41# and 49 in Chapter 16 of Gallian's book and problems 2, 4#, 5 in Chapter 17 of the same book, but submit only the solutions the problems marked with a sharp (#).

Due Date

This assignment is due in class on Wednesday February 14, 2007.


Solutions by User:Vickee are here.

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