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{{07-401/Crucial Information}}
{{07-401/Crucial Information}}
===Lecture Notes===
Follow the link to view lecture notes and post your own. [[07-401 Lecture Notes]]
===Further Resources===
===Further Resources===

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Polynomial Equations and Fields

Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto, Spring 2007

Agenda: (Groups,) Rings, fields, groups and some of the most famed no-go theorems of algebra and geometry.

Classes: Wednesdays 6-9PM (OMG) at Sidney Smith 1086.

Instructor: Dror Bar-Natan, drorbn@math.toronto.edu, Bahen 6178, 416-946-5438. Office hours: by appointment.

Teaching Assistant: Chao Li, chaoli@math.toronto.edu. Office hours: Tuesdays 12:00-2:00 at the Math Aid Centre, Sidney Smith 1071.

Further Resources

07-401-Solving The Quartic With Mathematica.png
Solving The Quartic With Mathematica. Read more!