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Torossian's Talk

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"Construction geometrique de l'associateur \Phi_{AT}"

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0:03:45 [edit] Part I. Some material from the Kontsevich machinery...
0:07:22 [edit] We need graphs...
0:10:06 [edit] Now we need propagator...
0:11:37 [edit] \phi_{hyp}(p,q)=\mbox{arg}\left(\frac{q-p}{q-\bar{q}}\right)
0:14:41 [edit] From graph to formula...
0:18:20 [edit] Define the "Kontsevich Coefficient".
0:20:03 [edit] Example by Felder and Willwacher of the irrationality of the Kontsevich coefficients.
0:22:15 [edit] The Bernoulli numbers.
0:22:44 [edit] The BCH formula in Kontsevich language. (Doesn't he need to restrict to connected graphs?)
0:26:06 [edit]
See also BBS/KAL-101215-131145.jpg.
0:26:52 [edit] Part II. Deformations.
0:33:02 [edit] Adding a red/blue edge to get a 1-form.
0:36:10 [edit] Torossian-0.36.10.jpg
Claim. This defines a flat tder-valued connection.
0:38:03 [edit] Torossian-0.38.03.jpg
0:46:05 [edit] The last five minutes - \infty-position.
0:54:53 [edit] Factorization for associators.
1:00:12 [edit] Questions.