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Kuno's Talk 1

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0:05:35 [edit] The mapping class group and $\pi_1$.
0:09:25 [edit] The Johnson filtration.
0:12:50 [edit] The Johnson filtration, 2.
0:14:50 [edit] The Johnson homomorphism. In the Artin case, this is the action of the Drinfel'd-Kohno Lie algebra on the free Lie algebra.
0:19:35 [edit] A geometric construction.
0:22:55 [edit] This seems to be the theorem on page 7 of Kawazumi's notes. The completion $\widehat{{\mathbb Q}\pi}$ is relative to powers $(I\pi)^p$ of the augmentation ideal. The completion $\widehat{{\mathbb Q}\hat\pi}$ is relative to ${\mathbb Q}{\mathbb 1}+|(I\pi)^p|$.
0:23:18 [edit] According to page 8 of Kawazumi's notes, $\tau$ is related to the Massuyeau Johnson map.
0:25:34 [edit] $\tau$ and simple closed curves.
0:31:06 [edit] $\tau(t_C) = L(C) = \left|\frac12(\log x)^2\right|$
0:34:32 [edit] Proof of $\tau(t_C) = L(C) = \left|\frac12(\log x)^2\right|$.
0:38:03 [edit] Generalized Dehn twists.
0:42:52 [edit] Given a symplectic expansion $\theta$...
0:48:00 [edit] $\delta\circ\tau=0$.
0:50:55 [edit] $\delta\circ\tau=0$, part II. What's the geometry behind this?
0:54:46 [edit] $\delta^{alg}$.
0:57:52 [edit] Is there $\theta$ such that $\delta^\theta=\delta^{alg}$?