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Hour 2 Video

width: 400 720 1280 ogg/Indiana-1611-2_400.ogg orig/Indiana-1611-2.mp4
Videography by Carmen Rovi troubleshooting

Notes on Indiana-1611-2:    [edit, refresh]

Managed by dbnvp: You can click on many of the blackboard shots / frame grabs to see their full-size versions.

0:00:10 [edit] Sorry for the lack of a handout browsing log. I had a weird bug in my setup; I figured it out the night after but that was too late. Won't happen again, or at least not for the same reason. --Drorbn (talk) 03:39, 8 November 2016 (EST)
0:55:32 [edit] Sorry some questions and answers were cut out - I misjudged the stamina of my camera's battery.