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Brochier's Video

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0:03:18 [edit] The definition of finite-type.
0:08:44 [edit] Braids on surfaces, finite type on surfaces.
0:11:45 [edit] Covering spaces.
0:15:15 [edit] $G$-finite type.
0:19:21 [edit] UFTI on several surfaces.
0:24:00 [edit] Annular braids.
0:31:00 [edit] Aside on $G={\mathbb Z}$.
0:31:50 [edit] FT for non-trivial $G$.
0:34:12 [edit] Chord diagrams.
0:37:35 [edit] Chord diagrams and singular knots.
0:41:40 [edit] The "4T" relations.
0:44:40 [edit] Low algebra, the main theorem.
0:48:23 [edit] The category of tangles.
0:50:52 [edit] Associators and UFTI.
0:53:25 [edit] a categorical description of annular braids.
0:56:00 [edit] Cyclotomic associators.
1:00:00 [edit] $\Psi$.
1:03:26 [edit] A Drinfel'd-Kohno theorem.