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June 8 Clip 6

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Videography by Jean-Baptiste Meilhan and Bruno Cisneros troubleshooting

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0:21:26 [add] The meta-group of tangles.
0:29:44 [add] The meta-group of groups.
0:36:19 [add] The meta-group of chord diagrams.
0:57:11 [add] The meta-bicrossed-product of arrow diagrams and its underlying topology.
1:21:04 [add] The simplest bicrossed product, steps in the construction of a knot.
1:36:59 [add] Polynomiality, links.
1:49:46 [add] Algebraic knot theory.
1:54:30 [add] The reality condition.
2:10:16 [add] Proof of the algebraic definition of ribbon knots.