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Day 0 Clip 1

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Managed by dbnvp: Tip: blackboard shots are taken when the discussion of their content has just ended. To see the beginning of the discussion on a certain blackboard, roll the video to the time of the preceeding blackboard.

0:16:02 [add] The Reidemeister moves.
0:22:07 [add] Definition of the Kauffman bracket.
0:27:35 [add] R2 Invariance.
0:30:14 [add] R3 Invariance.
0:35:33 [add] The Jones polynomial.
0:44:53 [add] The PD notation.
1:03:19 [add] Computing the Kauffman bracket.
1:06:51 [add] Scanning a knot.
1:10:22 [add] The Kauffman bracket of tangles.
1:27:13 [add] The skein relation for Jones.